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The 12 Biggest Breakout Stars Of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we have a chance to look back and remember all the huge stars that got their big breaks this year. Some of them may have been around for awhile, but it wasn't until this past...


The 2014 Celebrity Naughty List Revealed

It is almost Christmas, and that means Santa Claus has been consulting, and revising his lists. Celebrities may be able to escape unscathed from a lot of the situations they get themselves into, simpl...


12 Of The Biggest News Stories Of 2014

These days, with social media, it is easy for a news story to go viral. People are constantly liking, sharing, and hashtagging, and some things spread like wildfire in no time. The news has become a l...

Most Shocking

11 Of The Scariest Prisons In The World

Going to prison isn't exactly meant to inspire excitement in people. You are locked in a tiny cell most of the day, surrounded by criminals who have committed crimes beyond your imagination, and you h...

High Life

15 Ridiculous Laws No One Follows

Laws are important. They help maintain order, and inform what we all grow up believing is, and is not, appropriate. Without laws, there would be no sense of what is right and wrong, at least in a way ...


12 Prisons So Luxurious It Will Shock You!

When we think of prison, and the kinds of people who end up there, luxury is not the word that comes to mind. Prisons are funded by tax payers, and no tax payer who works hard for their money wants to...


11 Shocking Stories of Black Friday Brutality

Black Friday is arguably the biggest shopping day of the entire year, and a source of dread for most retail workers. The Friday during American Thanksgiving weekend is the official kickoff of the holi...


10 Innocent People Who Were Sentenced To Death

The death penalty is reserved for certain kinds of people. The ones that murder innocent people, and who probably planned it out before they did it. They had plenty of chances to change their minds, b...

Most Shocking

Literary Hoaxes That Fooled the World

The concept of plagiarism is something that students learn at a young age. Journalism especially is a profession that is ripe with opportunity for plagiarism, and aspiring writers learn early on how t...

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