Articles by Courtney Hardwick

Celebrity Money

10 Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt

Celebrities make millions of dollars for acting, singing, producing, and sometimes for just making an appearance at a party. So you'd think that they have money to spare, but that's not always the cas...

Most Shocking

15 Celebs Who Aged Terribly

Celebrities are often known for their looks. A lot of them launch their careers based on how beautiful they are, and it's part of their job to stay in shape. But just because they have access to all t...

High Life

10 Reasons Why Women Fake The Big O

Orgasms are the whole point of having sex, right? Well, maybe for men. Most women have come to accept that they aren't going to make it to the finish line every single time, and while it's not ideal, ...


10 Of The Worst Celebrity Photoshop Scandals

Photoshop is a must-have in the media industry. Photographers can snap pictures of the most beautiful people in the world, but those people still have flaws. For some reason, it has become the norm to...

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