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The 10 Richest Female Rappers

Celebrity Money

As the world struggles with equality issues and rights, women celebrities and role-models have a huge impact and voice on the desired outcome. None more so than female rappers, as the field broadens a...

The 10 Best Written American TV Shows Ever

Most Popular

Most of us love TV. Whether it’s a drama, sitcom or “reality”, relaxing and watching your favorite show is a priority for many. Certain shows evoke incredibly intense emotional reactions, some others ...

6 Startups On The Verge Of Making It Huge

World Money

These days, a strong online presence is the single most important - or even the only - feature of the most successful brands and companies. The mad scientist inventor trope for the 21st century isn't ...

The World's 10 Most Expensive Stilettos

Most Expensive

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, what does that make shoes with diamonds adorning them - her soul mate, perhaps? When a man asks a woman what she wants, it’s not as difficult to figure out as he ...

The World's 10 Most Expensive Perfumes

Most Expensive

Natural fragrances and perfumes have been around since ancient times, bringing pleasant and evocative smells to living spaces, hair and skin. It is only since the 1800s, however, that we’ve had the ca...

Top 10 Rowdiest Fanbases In The NFL


As football season rapidly approaches, fans are getting pumped up and ready to enjoy America’s favorite sport, cheer on their favorite teams, and root against their most loathed rivals. Football seaso...

10 Celebrities Who Are Descended From Royalty

High Life

Let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to be related to royalty through some far-distant relation to some far-distant nobleman that happens to be your great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfathe...

10 Most Murderous Rulers in History

Most Shocking

Who knows why some people are just predisposed to evil? Doesn't it sometimes seem that so many of these hateful, ruthless people become powerful leaders? Perhaps their ability to reach a position of p...

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