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The 10 Hottest Female Chefs In The World

With the advent of YouTube and the Internet, the possibilities are endless for aspiring chefs in this day-and-age. Many people have managed to make lucrative careers by first starting as video blogger...


The 15 Most Ridiculous Cars Ever Built

Concept cars and modified vehicles are wildly popular amongst car aficionados. Every year, millions of people trek to the thousands of car shows around the world to check out the newest, most innovati...


The 20 Hottest Women In Rock And Metal

Despite what some people may think, women singers aren’t just relegated to pop-star status. Many women vocalists go their own route - whether that be a classically trained singer, or operatic singing,...


The 10 Hottest Female Movie Aliens

The science fiction genre of films has always catered towards male viewers. Just like romance films will always be watched by more female viewers, so too does sci-fi go for men (although it’s been rep...

Most Shocking

The 20 Most Shocking Drunk Celeb Photos

Though the celebrity lifestyle looks like glitz and glamour all the time, fans and critics have to understand the human factor of these stars. They are people, just like us, with struggles and problem...


15 Famous Artificially Busty Celebrities

Probably more than any other industry, breast augmentations are a centerpiece of Hollywood. Because of the fiercely competitive nature of modeling and being a celebrity, and the constant need to defy ...

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