Articles by Christine Dantz

10 of History's Deadliest Fires


Fire is one of nature's toughest elements. As the flames scorch the earth and consume everything they touch, it cleanses the lands built and destroyed by humans. Whatever the flames leave behind, the ...

10 of History's Youngest Rulers

Most Influential

Age is just a number, even when talking about world leaders. History shows a long list of rulers well under the age of 16 who found themselves at the helm of entire empires. Although King Tutankhamen ...

10 Incredible Recycled Buildings

World Money

Out with the old, in with the new has a nice ring to it, but isn't always the right answer. Following the McMansion Era, this is a much more humbling trend making way through many buildings. Recycling...

The Ten Largest Statues in Asia


Asia is home to 99 percent of the world's largest statues. Americans might still marvel at the beautiful statue bestowed to the country by France, but Lady Liberty doesn't hold a torch to the immense,...

10 of the World's Most Dangerous Prisons

Most Shocking

No prison is safe, but some of the prisons around the world are so dangerous, they would even make Chuck Norris pee his pants. Even with the closing of North Korea's Camp 22, long considered the most ...