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High Life

10 Reasons Why Your Diet Never Works

Oh, diets. So often they plague even the most devout of healthy eaters. People can make themselves miserable, eating as healthy as they believe they can, but the pounds still don’t come off.


10 People Who Walked Around The World

Sure, you could fly around the world in an airplane or balloon. You could sail across it by boat. You can even drive across large chunks of the planet and transport your car across the oceans.


15 Most Touching Stories From Humans Of New York

The stories you hear from people on the streets can touch your heart, and a photograph is all you need to capture that special moment in time. Humans of New York (HONY) is a project created to do just that.


15 Handy Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

About 83 percent of adults in the U.S. drink coffee, and the estimate is that the average person in the U.S. drinks about two cups of coffee per day, totalling 730 cups per year.


10 Websites That Will Make You A Better Seller

If you are an ambitious sales professional, it doesn’t matter whether you are selling one of the world’s most luxurious islands or small insurance contracts. You must continuously improve your sales t...


2014's 10 Richest Entrepreneurs Under 30

Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are all worth at least $1 billion. Given that around 45 percent of startups fail before they reach year three, we must ask ourselves: What is the difference between th...

Job & Salaries

10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Freelancer

Given the slow economy and scarcity of funding, starting a business as a freelancer has become ever so tempting. Forty percent of Americans will be freelancers by 2020 and the United States might soon be a pioneer of the so-called freelance nations.

Job & Salaries

The 10 Best Jobs For The Business Minded

According to Forbes, a shocking 71 percent of employees don’t care about the work they do. That’s not only sad; that’s tragic. Nearly three out of four people could have a job they’d like much better,...