Articles by Christina Milligan-Brouillette

15 Of The Worst Celebrity Outfits Of 2014 To Date


Often referred to for fashion cues, male and female celebrities have the access to wear some of the most sought after designer fashions. Designers would do anything to have some of these big name cele...

18 Celebrities We've Witnessed Transform


Just like the rest of us, celebrities go through many changes over the years. From their big breaks, to their present day roles, many celebrities look very different from when we were first introduced...

20 Celebrity Mugshots We'll Always Remember


Although we usually look up to our favorite celebrities, it does not always mean we should take influence on everything they do. Some of the celebrities in this reel may surprise you. On the other han...

10 Celebrities With Unrecognizable Bodies


Many of us struggle with our diet, weight loss/weight gain and personal image. Celebrities are not an exception to these struggles. Hollywood has an almost untouchable ideal of what the human body sho...