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10 Times Referees Were Dead Wrong

Nobody ever said being a professional referee would be easy. These men and women are subject to merciless taunts, intense scrutiny, and the wrath of thousands of fans at the stadium and millions more ...

dumbest football transfers

The 10 Dumbest Soccer Transfers Of All Time

The offseason for European soccer, or football for those across the pond, is the time of year when coaches and managers look to add talent to their rosters. This is often done by transferring in playe...


FIFA's 10 Most Shocking Scandals

Soccer is the world's most popular game. It is played in every country on Earth, a claim that no other sport can make. It is known as the beautiful game, and anyone who has seen a Lionel Messi goal af...

Sports (old)

10 Sports Teams That Shocked The World!

Everyone loves a good underdog story. One team, heavily favoured, perhaps a bit arrogant, is expected by observers to prevail. The other, plucky, unexpected, but strategically superior, harder-working...


The 10 Worst NFL Draft Picks of All Time

Drafting a football player out of college is never a perfect science. Quarterbacks put up gaudy stats in certain systems, running backs shred defenses with the help of expert blocking, and wide receiv...