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The 10 Most Shocking Wrongful Executions

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Many people oppose the death penalty, but many people also support it. In states like Texas and Florida, capital punishment is still thriving, but the hard truth is that with an imperfect justice syst...

Woman Soldier

The 12 Most Kickass Women in History

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Although they’re harder to find, history does have its share of female heroines. From allied spies to swordfighting opera singers, women have lived rip-roaring, action-movie lives since the beginning ...

Nazi Parade

10 Ruthless Tyrants Worse Than Hitler

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Everyone knows the atrocities of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. But Hitler isn't the only leader in history with millions of deaths to his name, and surprisingly enough some of these tyrants were ju...

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10 of the Dumbest Deaths in History

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Most of us hope to die peacefully in our beds, surrounded by loved ones. We also think of tragedy - car accidents, plane crashes, serial killers. However, with bodies as fragile as ours there are an i...