Articles by Chia Kougianos


Whatever Happened To These 15 Has-Beens?

Ever catch yourself thinking "whatever happened to..." whilst watching a movie, and the lead actor hasn't been cast in a role since the late 90s? You try to convince yourself you just watched him last...


15 Things You Should Never Do In The Buff

Let’s face it. It's a weekday, and that can only mean one thing: you’re slaving away at your desk working a nine to five whilst we’ve been browsing the net all day looking at naked people doing ridicu...


15 Biggest D-Bags On The Walking Dead

With the second half of season 7 of The Walking Dead underway, we decided it’s time to look back at the past few seasons focusing on some of the worst characters in the show’s history.


15 Of The Hottest Celebs To Enter Rehab

Sure it comes as no surprise that with huge celebrity status comes a world full of sex, drugs and alcohol. The question is, what do these celebs spend their well-earned cash on and do they know their ...


Top 15 Most Googled People Of 2016

Ever wonder which celebs made it onto Google’s most searched list for 2016? We, along with the experts, researched to find out which of the world’s most recognized personalities in 2016 people want to...

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