Articles by Chelsea Kram

15 Of The Worst Pains Humans Can Feel


As unpleasant as it is, pain serves a very important purpose: it warns you that something is wrong or that you need to withdraw from what is hurting you. Acute pain resolves quickly, generally when yo...

Top 15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Quotes

High Life

If you've never been at a dinner party and said something so foolish that you wanted to hide under the table, consider yourself lucky. The good news is when that happens, you usually only embarrass yo...

10 Playmates Who Died Tragically Young

Most Shocking

Hugh Hefner created Playboy magazine in Chicago, back in 1953. Its first issue, which featured centrefold Marilyn Monroe who was then relatively unknown, sold out in weeks. By 1974, over one-quarter o...

11 Times Sex Has Gone Horribly Wrong

Most Shocking

Henry Louis Mencken said, "Life without sex might be safer, but it would be unbearably dull." When poor decision-making skills are combined with one of humankind's most primal desires, life certainly ...

10 Hygiene Practices That Will Shock You


There’s a pretty good chance that you brush your teeth, wash your hands, bathe, and apply some type of scent and deodorant every day. These practices tend to be a pretty effective way to maintain your...