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Chaz McPeake

Chaz McPeake is a product of the 90’s that bleeds nostalgia and breathes pop culture. He is a writer that contributes to such sites as TheRichest and BuzzFeed. Chaz also co-hosts the podcast Reel Movie Talk covering movie news and reviews. If you enjoy movies, television, music, and nostalgia this writer is one to follow.

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16 Times DC Completely Ripped Off Marvel

Chaz McPeake

Nowadays it is seemingly impossible to find anything original. While watching television and movies one can almost feel a sense of déjà vu in that some plot points and story …

18 Celebrities Who Have Had Alien Encounters

Chaz McPeake

Aliens have fascinated people for ages. There have been several individuals that have come forward with stories of sightings and encounters of UFOs and alien beings, but these people are …

Ladies And Gents, Here Is Trump Queen

Chaz McPeake

As we have all been made painfully aware, President-elect Donald Trump is no stranger to social media. Over the past few years the world has witnessed Trump’s personal tweeting frenzies …

15 Batman Facts. Because… Batman.

Chaz McPeake

There are superheroes and then there is Batman. Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman, has been around since he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Since then he …