Articles by Chase Clute

15 Cosplay Memes That Will Have You ROTFLOL!

High Life

Dressing up as your favorite character and going out to flaunt what your god gave you usually happens on Halloween night. What a dope day Halloween can be! Candy, costumes, and pretty people; some wit...

15 Savage Big Bang Theory Memes


The Big Bang Theory gifts viewers laughter week in and week out and has done so the past ten years. Even if you don't enjoy the show, something associated with its humor has probably made you grin at ...

15 Wild Fights At McDonald's Drive-Thru


In truth, some of these videos aren't for every set of eyeballs out there. Sorry, just the facts. The following fights are ridiculous and incomprehensible in every sense of the words. That makes for a...

15 Creepiest Things Found In Caves


Scary, eerie, slithering creepy-crawlies, mummies, millipedes, and freaky stories... what's discovered in caves around each and every part of the world is astonishing at the very least. Everything fro...

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