Articles by Charlotte Poitras

15 Most Shocking "Before" Pictures On Botched


Whether these patients have been botched by plastic surgeries or botched by nature, Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif come to their rescue. Their goal is to find a remedy to extreme plastic surgeri...

15 Most Shocking Cases On My Strange Addiction


Since 2010, TLC has given us the chance the meet the most unusual people on the show My Strange Addiction. Those you can see on this reality show are obsessed with things you would have never thought ...

15 Ways To Become A Reality TV Star


One of the easiest ways to become famous these days is by participating in a reality show. You don't need talent, knowledge, or good communications skills to be on TV: all you need is to be yourself, ...

15 Times Lady Gaga Was Strangely Hot


Lady Gaga never stops pushing the boundaries and this includes often taking her clothes off. That's not surprising to anyone. Since she was young, she didn’t mind revealing a little too much, as she s...

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