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11 New Species Discovered In 2015

Nothing packs a movie theater faster than a flick about a new species. Doesn't matter if it's friend or foe, whether it springs forth from an abdomen or gets left behind by its mother spaceship (think...


13 Scary Bugs From Australia That Will Haunt You

Ask 20 strangers on any street in the country what foreign country they'd like to visit most and it's likely at least half will say Australia. However, if you ask them why, most will say, the laid back lifestyle, kangaroos and koalas.


10 Of The Most Amazing Bomb Shelters

Being viewed as the world's most powerful nation is fun during international flag-waving spectacles such as the opening Olympic Games ceremonies or a rare United Nations event. But that status symbol ...

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11 Celebrities People Love To Bash

Hate is as old as love…and just as powerful. People also frequently misuse the words for dramatic effect; most of us don’t "love" pizza the way we love our partners, parents or children, and only a fe...


The 10 Lesser Known Erogenous Zones

With all the titillation surrounding us, we should be ready to rumble 24/7. Sexual innuendo has been usurped by sexual explicitness on TV and movies, as well as in song lyrics. Sexy videos of both fam...


10 Weapons That Changed the World

Songs and poems celebrating the rewards of peace on earth and goodwill towards our ancestral brothers and sisters have been written since caveman times. As one Stone Age man gasped in pain at the woun...


11 Of The Strangest Ways People Have Died

Nothing can stand in the way of progress. Through war, famine, tsunamis, plagues and religious and political upheavals all over the world, you'll always find a bit of news about a medical breakthrough...


12 Awful Valentine's Day Stories

Holidays are supposed to be joyous celebrations, filled with love, laughter and good cheer. Whether the festivities are based on religion (Christmas, Hanukah, Easter), history (4th of July, St. Patric...


10 People Who Died While Having Sex

What a difference a year makes. Just a year ago, couples planning to include a movie in their Valentine's Day celebrations had a variety of romantic film debuts to choose from including Endless Love, ...

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12 Of The Most Successful Stoners

Many baby boomers are still reeling over the legalization of marijuana in several states, with more states lined up to change their laws as well. Millions of younger people don't realize how long and ...


13 Unbelievably Weird Allergies

Of the 318,881,992 people in America in July 2014 reported by the US Census Bureau, 40 to 50 million have some type of allergy…and the numbers continue to rise. Of course, since many people who simply...

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11 Of The Most Well Endowed Male Celebs

By now, holiday gifts, parcels and packages have been opened—for better or worse—and exchanges and refunds processed. Besides birthdays and anniversaries, winter celebrations include more gift exchanges than any other holidays, worldwide.

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11 Of The Most Eligible Celebrity Lesbians

As the brand new year looms before us, many resolutions people commit to include making life affirming changes. Not all resolutions for the coming year center on breaking bad habits like smoking or ov...


11 Famous Gay Men Who Married Women

Not long before we celebrated the turn of the 21st century in 2000, there was still a stigma in many circles against gay people…and not just in conservative areas of the country. With all the flamboya...

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11 Famous People Who Never Existed

The winter holiday season highlights many imaginary celebrities and entourages we've come to embrace over the years. From Jolly Old St. Nick – aka Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas- to his t...

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11 Of The Most Unusual Strip Clubs

Gentlemen's clubs, strip joints – monikers vary but the public venue common to them all is women seductively removing their clothes for the entertainment and/or stimulation of (usually) men. Although ...

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