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15 Of Your Most Common Nightmares Finally Explained

CC Graham

Writer living in Chicago who loves all things TV, comedy, and horror!

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15 Last Photos Of Celebrities

CC Graham

Sometimes, when we think about celebrities, we can forget that they’re people too, just like us. One thing that’s probably the hardest about being a person is the fact that …

15 Creepy Pictures People Took While Camping

CC Graham

The purpose of camping is to have fun while connecting with nature. Those who go camping seek an adventure that you can’t find anywhere other than the wilderness. Camping isn’t …

15 Evil Moms Who Are Worse Than Casey Anthony

CC Graham

For some reason, people have a fascination with tearing apart bad moms. If you breastfeed too long, you’re a bad mom. If you don’t breastfeed, you’re a bad mom. If …

15 Spine-Chilling Pics Captured By Baby Monitors

CC Graham

When baby monitors were first introduced, parents everywhere rejoiced that they could finally keep tabs on their sleeping baby. It’s a great way to help teach children early to sleep …

15 Creepy Creatures Caught On Camera

CC Graham

The world is a terrifying place filled with creatures. By “creatures,” we’re not referring to the worst people you know in the world — you know, the kind of creature …

15 Images That Weren’t Meant To Be Creepy

CC Graham

Everything can change in less than a second. Everything you think you know, the way you live, and the people you surround yourself with can all disappear in a matter …

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