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14 Hollywood Cheaters Who Upgraded

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Celebrities seem to be the worst of us; they never stay faithful for too long.  As fans, it's hard for us to watch so many celebrity marriages fail due to infidelity- it kind of robs us of the hopes o...

15 Forgotten Stars Of MADtv

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We've all grown up with sketch comedy shows.  When we were young kids, we'd watch All That on Nickelodeon. Now that we're adults, we watch Saturday Night Live. But when we were teens, thinking we were...


The 15 Most Bad-Ass Little People

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Little people are simply unusually short people, typically afflicted with dwarfism or proportionate dwarfism.  While these can be disorders all on their own, dwarfism is typically a symptom of a large...

10 Women Who Look Like Justin Bieber


As much as we make fun of Justin Bieber, no one can argue that he's popular.  He's one of the most listened to pop artists of the modern age.  His concerts draw more than tittering teenage girls; they...

13 Celebs Who Hide Their Plastic Surgery

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There's no harm or shame in getting plastic surgery.  Maybe it was more taboo thirty years ago for an average person to get plastic surgery but, these days, it's absolutely normal and even commonplace...

15 Celebs With Too Much Junk In The Trunk


We all love a good butt. Really, who doesn't love a good butt?  If we're thinking in terms of evolutionary psychology, a big butt is a sign of a healthy woman that has enough fat to carry a baby for n...

15 Hot 90s Stars Who Got Hotter With Age


Oh, the '90s.  It was a time for crop tops, an overuse of denim, weird hairstyles, a lot of hair gel, and weirdly shaped swimsuits.  There were some seriously sexy celebrities in the '90s that were so...

13 New Tech Devices We'll All Need In 2016


Technology is ever evolving and ever changing.  It's both a blessing and a curse!  We're so fortunate to live in a world where scientists and startups are constantly revolutionizing the way we interac...

Top 20 Most Popular Spring Break Destinations


Cruises are rapidly becoming some of the most popular spring break vacations for college kids and young adults. They allow you to see more of the world in a short period of time, while only having to ...

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