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15 Actors Who Bailed Before The Sequel


Sometimes a movie surprises you.  Even actors have been surprised when vague plot descriptions pan out to be amazing films.  Do you think the actors that signed up for work on Up! were totally confide...

Top 15 Super Sneaky High Profile Cameos

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Cameos are a glorious and fun way to spice up a film.  While some pretentious connoisseurs of cinema may argue that they're a cheap grab for laughter and end up alienating the audience from the crucia...

Top 15 Sports Movies Your Girl Will Love


Some things are just true; historically, sports movies have been made and designed with a male audience in mind.  For decades now, sports movies have been released to inspire the dude in all of us to ...

Remember These 15 Jersey Shore Hotties?


It's been seven years since the eight Italians from New Jersey and New York all came together to live under the same roof.  Eight strangers, all crazy about their tans, their hair, their boobs, and th...

15 Travel Tips For Vacationers On A Budget


As of June 20th, it was official: summer arrived.  The seasonal depression of winter has passed, the sweater weather is over, and the lovely summer season is upon us!  It's finally summer and we all n...

15 Disturbing Photos From Movie Sets

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Just like in any other industry, things don't always go off without a hitch in Hollywood.  Accidents happen, things go wrong, mistakes are made.  While some accidents end in happy endings, others don'...

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