Articles by Carmen Lawrence

15 Disney Rides That Are Sketchy AF


Spring break is upon us and summer is just around the corner. We all know what that means: time to book our plane tickets and head somewhere sunnier and warmer with a trip to Disney World! Whether you...

15 Most Powerful Iron Man Villains


Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man, is one of America's favorite superheroes right now alongside Captain America, Batman, and Superman. Played by the snarky smart aleck Robert Downey Jr., fans relat...

15 TV Shows Men Secretly Love


The secret is out, gentlemen- we know what you're turning on the moment your lady leaves the apartment. You like to pretend that you're into the manly, testosterone-fests of shows, things like Storage...

15 Times Harry Potter Was A Douchebag


Yes, Harry Potter has had some struggles. His parents were killed right in front of him when he was a baby- a struggle he doesn't remember, though it did leave him figuratively and literally scarred. ...

15 Movie Heroes Only Douchebags Love


Just because a person is a hero doesn't mean we should aspire to be like them. We all have heroes we love and aspire to be like: Captain America, with his loyalty, patriotism, and high moral values; P...

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