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15 Barbie Dolls Only D-Bags Would Make

We're all a bit too old to be keeping up with what Barbie is up to these days, right? Even when we were kids, we felt like we were too old for or too cool for Barbies... yet we played with them. Girls...


15 Hot Celebs You Wish Were Single

These actresses spend so much time on the big screen impressing us, making us laugh and cry, getting us to trust them and relate to them. In a sense, we kind of fall in love with them. Literally! A ps...


15 Of The Creepiest Stories We Read As Kids

Most adults with phobias inherited those deep-seated fears from negative experiences in their childhood. It could've been a dog barking at you when you were a mere baby, a sibling thinking it would be...


15 Times WWE Divas Revealed Too Much

Women that star professionally as WWE wrestlers, by nature, reveal a little too much. While guys get to be tossing and jumping about the ring in long pants, the women in the biz are usually scantily c...


15 Disturbing Stories Of Police Brutality

In 2016, 963 people were shot and killed by United States police officers. So if you don't think there's a problem with police brutality, you probably have your head buried in the sand. Police brutali...

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