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Carmen Lawrence

Carmen R. Lawrence is an actress, writer, and artist living in North Carolina. In her spare time, she writes fiction novels and does a lot of travel writing. She likes dogs, music, video games, comic books, and craft beer.

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15 Times The Simpsons Were Perfect AF With Their Movie Parodies

Carmen Lawrence

Everybody loves The Simpsons! The show was an iconic revolution in the animated serial episodic industry for television! Remember when cartoons were just for kids in their pajamas on Saturday mornings? Well, Simpsons changed …

Lost: 20 Little Known Tidbits You Completely Missed

Carmen Lawrence

Believe it or not, Lost came out almost a full thirteen years ago. Premiering on September 22, 2004 (the same day that the Oceanic airplane was set to have crashed, not coincidentally …

15 Most Uncomfortable Age Gaps On TV

Carmen Lawrence

Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Love is a very fickle emotion, hard to explain or describe but scientifically proven to be present in all human beings. …

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