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8 of the Most Extreme Competitions On Earth

For most of us, the idea of a competition - outside of the area of popular sports - involves some relatively tame activity. Shooting darts, egg and spoon races or showcasing a pampered dog aren't exac...


6 Sexiest Women Who Aren't Ashamed To Geek Out

We all have a tendency to jump to conclusions about people based on their personal style, but we'd do well to remember the old adage about books and their covers. We're all extremely diverse people, w...

World Money

The World's 9 Richest TV Judges

Being a famous judge is generally a pretty sweet gig. Many of us acid-tongued cynics would revel in the chance to sit down, crush peoples dreams and earn millions for doing so. This is the reality of ...


13 Things To Do Before You Leave University

Going to college is said to be a defining experience, for life learning as well as book learning. Yet, it can also throw many challenges your way. Its important to learn how to balance work and play, ...


10 Things Breaking Bad Taught Us

Breaking Bad may be over, but it certainly left a lasting impression on us all. Vince Gilligan's epic series has earned its place amongst some of the greatest television series of all time. By its fin...


7 of the Most Bizarre Things You Can Wear

Strange and bizarre fashion often makes the news. The fashion industry is huge and constantly evolving and each decade has had its fair share of trends. Some, we embrace to this day, such as the class...

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