Articles by Caleb Penn


15 Times The WWE Took Things Too Far

Professional wrestling as an industry has made its living by creating controversial moments. With its scripted nature, the only way these companies can compete with mainstream sports is by balancing on that line between entertainment and obscenity.


15 Horror Movies Based On A True Story

When watching a horror movie a thought immediately pops into my head, aside from why are you going down into the dark creepy basement by yourself!. I'm always left wondering how the film's writers dev...


15 Must-See Party Pics Of WWE Divas

Perhaps the best thing about WWE in the past year has been the added importance that the company has placed on its Women's Division. Since the "Women's Revolution" of 2015, the WWE Divas have begun to...


15 WWE Superstar Couples We Never Saw Coming

It is a relatively unknown fact that WWE Superstars spend almost two-thirds of the year on the road. Though they only perform on TV a single night (two if there is a pay-per-view that Sunday), their s...

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