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15 Theories Surrounding Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance That May Actually Be True

Char Little

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15 Embarrassing Confessions About ER Visits

Char Little

The emergency room has more than enough exciting stories happening within its walls to spawn multiple hit television shows with what potentially goes on inside. There should seriously be a saying …

15 Times Jessica Simpson Was A Hot Mess

Char Little

Oh, Jessica Simpson. To know her is to love her. And thanks to moments like the one she had on Ellen this week, we know her pretty well. The star …

15 Shocking Cases Of Slavery In Modern America

Char Little

Human trafficking is probably one of the biggest forms of modern slavery in the United States today. From runaways who are hoping to find some sort of relief but instead …

15 Times Katy Perry Was Annoying AF

Char Little

Katy Perry is one of those stars who you have to have an acquired taste for, that’s for sure. There’s really no in between when it comes to Perry. Either …

15 Stars Who Actually Look Better Without Makeup

Char Little

Despite the stereotype of Hollywood being all about beauty, fitness, and just appearance in general, some of our favorite celebrities actually look better without makeup. Going out with a fresh …

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