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The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

There are a lot of jokes being thrown around about redheads on a regular basis, and many TV shows and Movies hit on this as well. Without much consideration, redheads are regularly swept under the rug...

Job & Salaries

10 Great Jobs For Animal Lovers

It's so important to find a job that will not only make you a great salary, but that will fulfill you and make you excited every day. Business consultant and motivational speaker Brian Tracy once said...


The 5 Flashiest 4K TVs Money Can Buy

TV technology just keeps getting better and better. Not only are higher-definition videos offering a higher quality of video for our screens, but  television and computer screens themselves are increa...


10 New Products That Make Life Much Easier

It seems almost impossible to keep up with all of the new phones, computers, tables, TVs, and other technologies that are being introduced every month. The convenience of these new technologies helps ...


Here's What You Need To Know About Hedge Funds

Everyone has most likely heard of hedge funds, but many don’t know just how influential they are. Hedge Funds manage nearly $2 trillion of assets globally, a large chunk of change no matter how you slice it.

Job & Salaries

These Are 10 Of The Safest Jobs to Get

Even though jobs usually fit your individual skills and personalities, it's hard to find and decide on a career when you're young. Some find joy in working with their hands, while others enjoy teachin...


The 10 Most-Profitable Casino Towns In America

Gambling is something that many people try at least once in their life, and many use gambling as a regular, fun activity to do with friends. For the most extreme out there, gambling can become an addi...


5 Ways To Get Into Real Estate Investing

If you have the cash, investing is a great way to further empower yourself financially. Compound growth of investments will give you sense of accomplishment – there’s nothing like seeing your nest egg grow thanks to smart buys.


The Top 10 Market Sectors You Should Invest In

Investing is a great way to get ahead in the world. While investing in the short term can yield some great results, true fortunes are built over time. By investing, individuals can reach their true fi...


The 10 Best Electric Cars On The Market

The future is now, and many new products that we have waited decades for are being unveiled before our very eyes. These products make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to modern science, eve...


10 Mutual Funds That Make Great Investments

Everyone has heard of people like Warren Buffett, investors who have made billions in the market with their skill, experience, and knowledge. Those kinds of returns, especially in a bear market, are v...


The Best Rapper-Owned Companies Around

The hip-hop industry is full of self made millionaires who started from very poor backgrounds. Rarely do you hear of rap superstars that came from very affluent families. The whole rap game is based o...


The 10 Best Cities For Real Estate Investment

Real estate has always been known to be a steady investment for long-term investors and developers. Many have made their millions, and sometimes even billions, by becoming involved in profitable real ...

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The Top 10 Investment Firms To Work For

Investment banking has been a favorite in the world of Hollywood for many years, and the depictions are often incredibly appealing. Images of huge offices in New York City with dozens of men and women...

Job & Salaries

The Best Companies To Work For In 2014

For everyone in the world, except the chosen few who have inherited their fortune, work is a necessary part of sustaining an adequate quality of life. But work is not only a way to make money; having ...

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