Articles by Bruce Yaccato

14 Most Disastrous Mergers Of All Time

World Money

Let’s face it, who hasn't been there? Waking up next to a stranger and thinking “OMG did I drop a truck full of dough to merge with them?” But that’s OK. A number of Fortune 500 CEO’s have had that ex...

The 13 Biggest Tax Cheats In America


The more money American companies make, the better they are at not paying tax on it. In fact it’s not uncommon for them to make billions in profits and end up with tax rebates. Many pay lower effectiv...

The 10 Best Animal Movie Stars, Ranked


It’s a film genre that’s booming in the digital age. The marriage of animation and animals in movies is producing blockbuster after blockbuster with the creative use of technology, antics to please yo...

The 10 Men Americans Admire Most

Most Popular

The pollsters at Gallup have been asking Americans who they admire most since 1946, when they chose General Douglas MacArthur as their Most Admired Person. He was one of just 4 men who have outpolled ...

The 12 Worst Best Pictures of All Time


Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett once lost a whole lot investing in silver. The Portland Trail Blazers drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. The lesson? Even the most successful people make mistakes.

The 10 Most Anticipated Cars Of 2015


It’s a fascinating thing. In a time of energy, economic and environmental concerns, the most anticipated cars for 2015 are, with few exceptions, paragons of expensive, gas-guzzling luxury. Toys for On...

The 10 Most Corrupt Countries In 2015

The Poorest

The primary causes of corruption within a country are greed coupled with infrastructural and even constitutional failings. Problems of poverty and civil war all too often go hand in hand with the amor...

The World's 10 Hottest Royals In 2014


They are charter members of what the late Joan Rivers once called “The Lucky Sp*rm Club”. These are children born into wealth, privilege and prestige with bloodlines oozing physical beauty and glamor.