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15 Stars Wars: The Last Jedi Easter Eggs That Only True Jedi Spotted

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15 Women Who Recently Came Out

Phil Bowman

For individuals whose preference in the bedroom deviates from societal norms, coming out of the closet and admitting it to your friends and family is one of the most difficult …

15 Times Mandy Moore Was Too Much To Handle

Phil Bowman

Very few young performers are able to truly see the opportunities that they are given in the entertainment industry, and the ones that do are able to catapult themselves to …

15 Secrets The Cast Of Star Wars Wants To Bury

Phil Bowman

The work that goes into making a big-budget film is far beyond what anyone outside of the industry can begin to comprehend. Should you be fortunate enough to have someone …

15 Little Known Facts About Aegon The Conqueror

Phil Bowman

Everything that we’ve seen on Game of Thrones all began back when Aegon Targaryen set out to conquer the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The young man saw an opportunity to …

15 Athletes You Didn’t Know Hated Each Other

Phil Bowman

Sports rivalries make for some of the most compelling stories, but these rivalries usually stem from rival teams looking to vanquish their opponent each year. The Yankees hate the Red …

What The Cast Of Hook Looks Like Today

Phil Bowman

As one of the most beloved children’s stories that’s ever been penned, Peter Pan remains an all-time classic that’s seen its fair share of adaptations over the years. The Disney …

15 Athletes Who Are Jerks In Real Life

Phil Bowman

In our modern society, we tend to place athletes on a weird pedestal as if they’re otherworldly beings who deserve all of our praise and attention. While some people would …

What The Cast Of Little Rascals Looks Like Today

Phil Bowman

Studios in Hollywood make the conscious decision to relaunch film and television franchises that they think will resonate with a new generation, and in 1994, The Little Rascals was given …

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