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High Life

15 Signs Your Girlfriend Might Be A Sociopath

Finding someone and falling in love is hard enough. It’s a daunting process of growing together and becoming more comfortable, among other things. But imagine you begin a relationship with someone, th...

High Life

15 D-Bag Moves That Actually Get Her Hot

If you’ve ever felt like women are more attracted to the jerk than she is to the nice guy, you’re not wrong. At some point or another, everyone has fallen victim to attempting to understand the laws o...


15 Times Scott Disick Was Savage AF

Ah, Scott Disick. Everyone knows his name due to his ability to make Keeping Up With The Who Gives A F*ck so entertaining for everyone to watch. Sure, at times he can be a total douche, but it's no se...


15 Athletes Who Slept With A Teammate's Wife

Teammates are supposed to have one another's backs, protect them from their blind side or pass the ball to one another when they're open, but most of all, when you join a team, you and your teammates ...


15 Times Bella Thorne Was Trashy AF

Despite the wholesome character this former Disney star previously created through her childhood success, Bella Thorne is no longer the "good girl" that she portrayed back in the day. And even if you'...


15 Times Shameless Went Way Too Far

Bad things happen. People do "shameless" things all the time. The real world is confusing and sloppy and filled with animosity and remorse and affection. And Shameless isn't afraid to bring these thin...