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The 10 Hottest Women Zac Efron Has Hooked Up With

Whether you like Zac Efron or not you have to admit that he is rather handsome, and you also have to know (right?) that he's pretty famous. Those things are just pretty much factual. He was a teen heartthrob and has became a handsome adult.

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America's 15 Hottest Socialites Of 2016

What is a socialite you may ask? Well it's your girlfriend, only if she were a lot hotter, a lot richer, and a lot classier. Oh yeah, and she also would have to come from a well known family. If you'r...

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The 15 Hottest Bums In Women's Sports

There is something about women's sports that draws a lot of men in, and makes them want to watch it. Could it be the thrill of competition, or watching these magnificent athletes go head to head on th...


15 Ways To Not Get Caught Cheating On Her

Being a successful cheater is not easy. Lots of men have tried to cheat and get away with it but most have failed. You have to be a certain type to do it well with no consequences. You have to be sly,...

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The 15 Sexiest Real Housewives

There's only one thing in the entire world better than going out with a hot woman, and that's going out with a woman that is hot and rich. One trait sort of adds to the other if you know what I mean. ...

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The 15 Hottest Female Country Singers

When you think about sexy women in music, country stars are not what you think of first. One would think there would be way more hot women in pop, dance, hip-hop and rock. Well, maybe, but there sure are a lot of hot women in country music, too.

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15 Disney Channel Stars Who Were Arrested

Oh Disney Channel.  You always offer us the best in wholesome entertainment. The whole family can enjoy your shows together. Crime is rampant in the world today and in a world gone wrong, we can alway...

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The 14 Hottest Celebrities With Tattoos

Back in the day, having a tattoo used to mean something.  Hardly anyone had one, and if you did, it really meant you were taking things pretty far. If you were a guy, it meant you were a rebel, at lea...

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