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15 Celebs Who Need To Do More Squats

It's a bootie world. There's no denying that over the years, the rear end has made a big comeback. As we focus on women's body parts, there are many features people like to consider. The boobs are won...


15 Smokin' Hot Sara Underwood Cosplays

Sara Underwood is one of the hottest Playmates ever! She captured the nod for Playmate of the Month for July 2006. She then captured the Playmate of the Year honors for 2007. Clearly, Underwood had so...


15 Pics Of Holly Madison That Are Hot AF

Holly Madison is a beautiful Playboy bunny who may be best known for being one of Hugh Hefner's privileged "house guests." Madison has made quite the leap in her career. When you go from being just a ...


15 People On Botched That Are Kinda Hot

Let's talk Botched. What's Botched, you may ask? Well, like with any reality televisions series, it attempts to give us a look into something we know exists but a concept that many of us are not perso...

High Life

15 "Wife" Problems Every Married Guy Faces

Having relationship issues is a problem with almost everyone. Even the happiest of relationships have issues from time to time. Now, we can say that the blame should be evenly spread around, but this ...

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