Articles by Brendan Coffey

Top 10 Current NFL One Team Wonders


It has become the calling card for this generation of NFL players: the younger you are, the more a franchise and a city are bound to count on you. Indeed, teams have been known to throw a lot more hop...

The 10 Most Common Injuries in Basketball


Although Basketball may not be the most violent sport out there, there’s something about having these seven-foot-tall giants run around a hardwood court that produces a high quantity of injuries. Newt...

10 Best Heads of Hair in Hockey History

Sports (old)

It seems to be something inherently human to comment on people’s appearance, even more so in the wide world of sports. Everybody has an opinion about the outfits tennis players wear, about the shoes b...

Top 10 Highest-Paid Husky Baseball Players


When someone says professional athlete, we immediately think of people who are in the upper percentiles of physical achievement. However, there are also those who do not comply with that definition. T...