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Brad James

Salutations! I am Brad, a poet, author and filmmaker. I can't promise the earth, but I can promise to spin a good old article from the keyboard in front of me! Peace out!

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15 Things You Can’t Do In Outer Space

Brad James

Space is something that is exciting, thrilling, mysterious and frightening to everyone on our planet. Technically, even though we are cushioned in our habitable and comforting atmosphere that lets us breathe …

15 Actors’ Reactions To Reading Their Scripts

Brad James

Hollywood has shaped our lives for generations, and over the course of more than 100 years, it has settled into becoming the foundation of our Western culture; a benchmark for people’s …

15 Kids Who Got Their Parents In Trouble

Brad James

Children should be a joyful thing; the apple of our eyes, our pride and joy and the hope of continuing our lives vicariously through them after we have sprung this mortal …

15 Celebrity Photos We Can’t Believe Exist

Brad James

A lens sees all, even when people think it does not. That is the real reason why the paparazzi are so maligned; one never knows where these opportunistic photographers lurk …

15 Weird Facts About Nickelodeon’s Rugrats

Brad James

Any 80s baby (and many 90s babies) will remember cartoon series Rugrats very fondly. The show revolves around the main character, Tommy, a one-year-old boy and his best friend Chuckie, …

15 Creepy Movie Curses Going Around Hollywood

Brad James

Humans altogether make for a quite weird bunch, and nothing is more bizarre than the affectations and traditions surrounding superstitions. Superstitions are strange quirks in people’s nature that dictates to …

20 Memes That Got People In Serious Trouble

Brad James

The word meme had existed before the internet did, so it meant a very different thing than it does now. The word meme originated in the seminal Richard Dawkins book, …

15 Celebrity Rejects Who Are Still Rolling In Cash

Brad James

Hollywood and the celebrity lifestyle is an unforgiving place, once you get over the constant adoration and loads of cash, that is! It can somewhat resemble a real-life roller coaster …

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