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Pop Culture

20 Pics Of Keanu Reeves Vs The Paparazzi

Oddball, unconventional and a massive movie star for at least 30 years; that is Keanu Reeves. Making his cinematic mark in the time-traveling comedy: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, his star power...


20 Fashion Faux Pas Moments Of Phoebe Buffay

Everyone loves Friends, right? And no, not the social circles people have around them; but the classic hit 90s TV sitcom that ran for 10 seasons between 1994 and 2004. Originally developed under the w...

Tech & Science

15 Things You Can't Do In Outer Space

Space is something that is exciting, thrilling, mysterious and frightening to everyone on our planet. Technically, even though we are cushioned in our habitable and comforting atmosphere that lets us ...

High Life

15 Kids Who Got Their Parents In Trouble

Children should be a joyful thing; the apple of our eyes, our pride and joy and the hope of continuing our lives vicariously through them after we have sprung this mortal coil. When people become pare...

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