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15 Classic Movies With God Awful Reboots

Rebooting today is more popular in the cinematic universe and film industry than IT developers working in sales departments. Hollywood seems to have exhausted all creative ideas, viewing a remake as a...

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Top 15 Biggest Hollywood Sellouts

What exactly defines a sellout? By any measure an actor has every right to pursue a role that fits their abilities and progress their career as they see fit. Who are critics to decide what films they ...


15 Countries With The Most Insane Soccer Fans

Insanity comes in many different forms. From the overly committed to the eccentric to the most hyperbolic and outlandish people in civilized society, soccer fans represent the shades of grey around th...


15 Shocking Facts FIFA Doesn't Want You To Know

If you’re a regular soccer viewer, European, South American or watched John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight program in the past 18 months, chances are you know the Federation International Football Associa...


Top 20 Sexiest Pictures Of Jessica Alba

There are some things that just don’t exist in the world – moderate republicans, a scandal-free NFL season and a bad picture of Jessica Alba. However the photogenic movie star is shot, whether it be o...


10 Films That Should Get Rebooted

The art of “rebooting” a classic is fraught with danger. Iconic films provide movie fans with a great amount of memories and nostalgia from the period of release. Toying with these characters that peo...

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