Articles by Benjamin Welton

15 Real Cases Of Vampires Throughout History


The undead, nosferatu, jiangshi. These are just some of the names of beings that rise from the dead during the night in order to suck the blood of the living. Long before the Anglo-Irish scribe Bram S...

15 Of The Most Evil Monarchs In History


World history is replete with despicable people. Some of these human monsters had the power to choose life or death for others. Whether king, queen, or emperor, these historical monarchs abused their ...

15 Scariest Places In The World


The world is full of scary places. In the Middle East, vicious and violent civil wars rack the countries of Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. In Turkey, the eastern portions of Anatolia are home to a decades-ol...

15 Shocking Unsolved Murders From History


Nothing gets amateur criminologists excited quite like unsolved murders. As grotesque as it may sound, a well-orchestrated murder captures widespread attention unlike any other crime. Of course, such ...

15 Little Known Serial Killers From History


Human depravity is hardly new. According to the Bible, murder was the second greatest sin of humanity, with Cain spilling the blood of his brother Abel. In almost every society at almost every epoch, ...

15 Careers Ruined by Hugh Hefner


Many men would kill to have Hugh Hefner's lifestyle. At age 90, Hefner gets more action than your average red-blooded American male. After launching his signature magazine Playboy in 1953 (which came ...

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