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15 Most Mind-Blowing Movie Endings Of The 21st Century


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Computer-generated imagery has changed the entire landscape of film-making in every genre. Whether just doubling up images of sheep to make a farm look like an actual farm to movie …

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Every year, we, the public and the media, see stars rise and fall. Whether from personal scandals, professional struggles, or just random occurrences, it’s all too common for our windows …

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2016 has been a great year for movies. From summer blockbusters like Avengers: Civil War to critical darlings like the new Arrival to international animated successes like Zootopia, this year has had it …

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Genetics are a field we’re continuing to learn more and more about, and as a culture our knowledge of the subject spans from elementary school Punnet squares to the human …

15 Hottest Actors From The Harry Potter Universe


With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them upon us, another talented and fresh-faced cast has joined the ranks of the infamous Harry Potter universe. The realization that the first book, Harry Potter …

15 Models-Turned-Actors: 8 Who Shone And 7 Who Tanked


After pumping out Sports Illustrated covers, walking Victoria’s Secret runways, running successful campaigns for all manner of fashion companies, many models still want to move their careers toward a new …