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World Money

The 10 Richest Politicians of 2014

Western politicians often have an uneasy relationship with wealth; it seems unnatural for a democratic leader to have a vast fortune sitting in their bank account as they make decisions that affect th...

National Money

5 Richest British Families

Britain's feudal structure was supposedly abolished in 1660, but to many of the country's occupants the modern economic system might look a lot like it did in the time of Henry 8th. A recent Oxfam rep...

Most Shocking

The Top 10 Most Bizarre Thefts

What is it about thievery that's so appealing to the fairly moral general public? Not when someone breaks into your house, or when someone you know is mugged, obviously, but in an abstract way. Maybe ...

Most Shocking

10 Most Shocking Oscar Controversies

Year in, year out, since the first Academy Award ceremony back in May 16, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, there has always been controversy surrounding Hollywood's big night. Although Oscar win...

Most Shocking

5 Unexpected Uses for Google Glass

Since Google's introduction on April 4, 2012, the internet giant has made sure that almost every time we see the high tech eyewear, it's on the face of a beautiful or influential person. Usually that ...

Most Influential

The Six Greatest Living Artists

Even Vanity Fair, the magazine which originally polled 100 of the art world's elite, admits that a list of the greatest living artists is a slightly ridiculous undertaking. To try and quantify an enti...

National Money

Top 15 Richest Fictional Characters

For over a decade now Forbes Magazine has published an annual rich-list of a different kind; the tongue in cheek 'Fictional 15'. Since its first appearance in 2001 the list has featured a mix of ficti...

The Biggest

Top 10 Oldest Universities In the World

Fittingly, the word 'university' (which stems from the Latin meaning 'a community of teachers and students') originated at Bologna University - which is the longest standing university in the world at...

Most Popular

10 Most Lucrative Superhero Movies Ever

The Superhero Movie has been around for almost as long as there have been comic-book heroes, with filmographic manifestations of Batman, Superman, and Captain America appearing as early as the 1940s. ...

Rich Countries

Top 10 Aid Giving Countries

One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, is also known to be a fairly charitable individual; so far he has given away almost 50% of his Microsoft fortune, and plans to give 97% of his wealth b...

Most Popular

DiCaprio's 10 Highest Grossing Movies Ever

During a recent popular SNL show, Leo ambushed a boastful Jonah Hill warning him of the dangers of being 'A Big Shot’. This list of DiCaprio’s most successful films to date will demonstrate that DiCap...

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