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The 5 Strangest Jobs In Hollywood

It's a well known fact behind the glitz and glamor of the film industry lies a seedy underbelly. The sky-high wages of the leading actors are balanced by the notoriously low wages of the people who ke...


5 Actors Whose Directorial Attempts Flopped

Movie history is littered with great combination actor/directors: Clint Eastwood, Ben Affleck, Sofia Coppola, Orson Welles, George Clooney, the list goes on. It's often added to in delightful and surprising ways each festival season.


10 Unbelievably Futuristic Hotels

The Royal Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva is by far the most expensive hotel room in the world, with a single night in its 12 bedroom suite clocking in at $83,200. Back in the 90s there ...


10 of the Most Isolated Communities on Earth

In 2010 the WHO announced that for the first time ever over half of the world's population now lived in urban areas. This state will only get more extreme, as the number of city dwellers increases by ...

Most Shocking

10 Undercover Agents Who Were Uncovered

The most striking aspect of the history of espionage and informants is the sheer range of characters; exotic seductresses, Cold War moles, and gentleman criminals rub shoulders with today's wikileaker...

The Biggest

10 of the Best Pranks of All Time

Now that everyone's recovered from April Fool's Day, its time to take a look back at some of history's greatest pranks, hoaxes, and antics. Rather than take too narrow a slice of the large number of '...

World Money

10 Richest Alter Egos

Many of the oddest, most shocking and most novel celebrities in the past century have actually been a creative invention. The people behind these creations have the freedom of extensive artistic licen...

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