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Barry Marshall

Tyneside, U.K. based writer and author of suspense thriller 'White Heat'. Contact on Twitter: @BarryMarshall81

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10 Of The Most Sickening Sports Injuries

Barry Marshall

Unless you happen to work as a professional stuntman, or a particularly inept lion tamer, the chances are that you’re unlikely to risk serious injury as part of your day-to-day …

15 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Barry Marshall

When considering all the horrors that mankind subject each other to, especially in light of the recent wave of terrorist attacks across the globe, it’s all too easy to write …

10 Of The Most Disturbing Real-Life Haunted Houses

Barry Marshall

It’s getting towards that time of the year again: the new series of American Horror Story is with us, a new Paranormal Activity film threatens to bore us all rigid scare the socks off …

10 Shocking Times People Came Back From The Dead

Barry Marshall

Philosophers and religious folk have argued for centuries about whether or not death truly is the end of the journey for mankind. The only way to know for certain would …

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pablo Escobar

Barry Marshall

It’s often said that we’re living through a new golden age of TV; The latest series to aim for the zenith occupied by Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Hannibal is the Netflix original series, Narcos. The …

10 Of The Highest-Earning Instagram Models

Barry Marshall

It’s 2015, if you hadn’t been paying attention. We’re living in the future; a disappointing version of the future, admittedly, for those of us who hoped that Back To The Future …

10 Former Playmates And The Secrets They Kept

Barry Marshall

Remember when you were happily coasting along in high school, lazily dreaming of long, Summer days and a life of freedom and happiness? Then, all of a sudden, a frowning gentleman …

12 Of The Heaviest Babies Ever Born

Barry Marshall

The debate has raged for generations, stumping some of the greatest minds of our time. Scientists, philosophers and bona fide geniuses have all turned to each other, brows furrowed and …

10 Real-Life X-Files Cases That Nobody Can Explain

Barry Marshall

Life is filled with seemingly inexplicable mysteries. Is there intelligent life in space? What on earth is the second season of True Detective supposed to be about? Some mysteries, however, …

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