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15 Hot Pro Snowboarders That Will Warm You Up

When it comes to hot chicks that also happen to be athletes, one has a lot to choose from. You have the incredible bodies of track and field athletes, the ridiculous butts that it seems all female vol...


15 Movies That Were Made For Only Dudes

We all know about chick movies. They are the movies that we understanding, modern men go to just to keep our ladies happy, or at the very least watch to convince our girlfriends that we are sensitive ...


15 Wrestlers Who Died Before 50

Professional wrestlers are a rare breed. Of this there is no doubt. As a rule they are athletic men, quite often they are enormous, and also are often guys and gals who live a little bit on the wild s...

High Life

15 Things All Guys Fear During "Happy Hour"

Guys are not that complicated, and if a guy tells you that he is, then he is lying. When it comes time to get it on with someone for the first time, guys usually have two thoughts. One is obvious, and...


15 Pictures Sports Execs Want You To Forget

Sometimes one has to pity the poor sports executive, even if you don't think you should. You are paid by the owner of a sports team, and you get paid a lot of money. That is not the bad part of the jo...


15 Signs You're Dating A Psychopath

So the person that you have been dating seems just a little bit off. At first everything seemed great but lately things have been going on that make her seem just a little bit strange. And by a little...

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