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15 Most Famous Circus Freaks Of All Time

Way back in the day, before the whole Internet thing came along, there used to be such things as traveling circuses and carnivals. Yes, these things still exist today, but they're simply not what they...


15 Hottest Women Ever Accused Of Murder

All of us guys have been there before. It's an old story. You're hanging out with this new hot chick, and everything seems cool. Then all of a sudden, she starts acting a little bit odd, like she star...


15 Things Guys Do Wrong In The Bedroom

If there is one thing that is true in this world, it is that a lot of guys really make fools of themselves when they are fooling around in the bedroom. I mean I get it, I really do. Sometimes you just...

High Life

15 Types Of Chicks You'll Date In Your 20s

If there is one thing that most guys have in common is that they all tend to date a lot in their 20s. Of course there are a few outliers involved in that scenario. There are of course the guys that do...


Top 15 Hottest NBA Dance Teams

The combination of sports and hot chicks dancing around in skimpy outfits has been going on ever since it was legal for them to do things like that in public. The NBA may be hotter than it ever has be...

High Life

15 Signs She Is Stealing Money From You

So you're dating someone new, and things have been going great. Or maybe it is even someone you have been going out with a long time, but either way, lately something has been off and there is only on...


15 Famous People Who Died In A Bathroom

If there is one thing certain about life, it is that it does not last forever. We wish that it did but just like taxes, some things are certain. All of us are going to die someday, and the most we can...

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