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Ben Fisher

Ben is probably a little too pop culture-obsessed, but he has made a living thanks to it. He is a music critic and a sports reporter/blogger while also chronicling the culture scene in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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15 Celebs Whose Parents Did Jail Time

Ben Fisher

There’s an intangible quality about stars that enables their elevated and idealized status. They are larger than life, embodying a level of talent, charm and looks that captivates audiences and …

The 11 Most Epic Jeopardy Fails of All Time

Ben Fisher

In the ever-saturated world of game shows, there is one that continues to enjoy a lofty perch apart from the rest of the pack. Where shows like Wheel of Fortune …

12 WWE Diva Instagram Photos Too Racy For TV

Ben Fisher

Around the time of WrestleMania season, the women’s division of WWE underwent something of a makeover. Now anchored by a trio of young pillars in Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and …

10 Celebs Who Are Seriously Whipped By Their Spouse

Ben Fisher

Celebrities typically strike a powerful figure. With their often-exorbitant salaries, numerous demands on their time and substantive public profile, they carry a great deal of influence and sway over the …

15 Adult Film Stars Who Love Their Job

Ben Fisher

In October, we chronicled 10 members of the adult film industry who, like some people across just about every profession, hated their job. But just as easily as you can …

10 Bachelor Parties That Ended in Disaster

Ben Fisher

A wedding represents love, the union of two kindred spirits and the beginning of a new life for two people as one. For some, though, it also represents the opportunity …

The 10 Worst SNL Cast Members

Ben Fisher

More than 40 years after it first hit the air, Saturday Night Live remains an enduringly relevant pop culture phenomenon. Few shows have faced as much scrutiny as the various …

Top Greatest 10 Little People in Wrestling History

Ben Fisher

Professional wrestling has a checkered history when it comes to the treatment of the vertically challenged. Midget wrestlers have long held a place inside the squared circle, albeit less in …

10 Soccer Stars Who Are Notorious Womanizers

Ben Fisher

The spoils of fame and fortune can be tantalizing, but they can also be quite dangerous. Given how popular soccer is around the world, athletes that play the Beautiful Game …

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