Articles by Augustine Reyes Chan


20 Celebs Who Rose From Trailer Parks To Mansions

We hear a lot of chatter about which star is dishing out four million to live in a mansion in Los Angeles, or a musician purchasing a pre-war co-op on the Upper East Side. We hear about their private ...


15 Youngest Celebrity Moms (And 5 Oldest)

Being a successful female celeb is hard. You are busy all the time, shooting a movie on location for six months or more or tethered to table readings to run your lines for your television show. That’s...


15 Things Jessica Biel Wants Us To Forget

Jessica Biel has it all. She’s Mrs. Justin Timberlake, she has a son, and she co-owns Au Fudge, a popular kid-friendly restaurant in LA. But underneath all that, Jessica Biel is suffering. Au Fudge ha...


15 Method Actors Who Went Insane On Set

The origins of method acting can be traced back to the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavsky in the early 20th century. For actors, this method means completely cutting themselves off from the outside ...

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