Articles by Art Anthony


It's Time To Change The Way We Look At Money

A couple of months ago, one of my fellow authors on TheRichest ran an article arguing that America should ditch the penny. Not so long ago such an article would have come across as, at best, satire or...


How To Get Rich The Easy (Well, Easier) Way

Knight Kiplinger once wrote that 'the biggest barrier to becoming rich is living like you're rich before you are.' If anything, that's even more true in 2014 than it was when he first wrote it back in...


The Pros And Cons Of Big-City Living

When looking at things like unemployment levels across the country you live in, or statistics about how much higher average wages in big cities are, it's easy to come away with a skewed or unrealistic...


How Much Are Your Tweets Worth?

Unless you work in advertising, there’s no particular reason you’d have heard of the service Ad.ly. The service matches up brands with relevant celebrities who then tweet about, or have ‘their people’...


Will Robots Usher In A New Socialist Era?

It’s easy to write off the notion of being replaced by a machine as something from a dystopian movie starring Will Smith. It’s an event that will ‘never happen in our time.’ However, as the pace at wh...