Articles by Arsalan Bashir

The Five Most Secure Web Browsers


The most important lesson we can take away from the past year is that our data and identities are not safe on the internet. With almost a quarter of the world’s population on the internet, this is a m...

The Five Largest Smartphones On The Market


When Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone, the world quickly developed a sweet tooth for minimal design guided by functionality and the mantra "less is more."Before that, offerings like the original ...

The Five Best Tech Products For Seniors


In a world that's quickly heading towards complete automation of everyday tasks, it is easy to believe that technology the domain only of the younger generation, which understands and uses new technol...

Bold Predictions For 2014's Tech News


Market disruptions often occur at unexpected moments. From commercial drones to soaring virtual currencies, the coming year is sure to dish out plenty of excitement, events that will define 2014’s pla...

The Big Winners And Losers Of CES 2014


The year’s most anticipated consumer technology show, CES, concluded on January 10. We were fully prepared to see a heavy influx of innovative products, as CES is the playground of tech companies. It’...