Articles by Anthony Marcusa

Top 10 Sexiest Aliens In Film


The science fiction film landscape is populated by creatures and creations that tempt and titillate, as well as challenge and discomfort. They are aliens and robots, figures that are exotic and striki...

12 Sexist Things Men Don't Realize They Do


A change is gonna come; hopefully. That’s one side of the coin. The other is that things are bad now, and maybe are even getting worse when it comes to being a woman. There is a wage gap, there are mi...

13 Of The Most Wasted Movie Roles Ever


Casting is often one of those things that when it works really well, you don’t notice it. It’s not until someone is grossly miscast that they stand out, and for the entirety of a film, you can’t shake...

12 Great Movies Ruined By Their Trailer


A long time ago, movie trailers actually trailed movies; they were played after a feature presentation to get audiences excited for whatever the next story in the chapter was or next release by the st...