Articles by Anthony La para Santori

13 Hot WWE Divas We Wish Would Bare It All


With an ongoing shift in philosophy when it comes to the role of the female performer, the WWE currently showcases more capable in-ring performers than ever before. The state of the Divas division has...

12 Wrestlers Who Went Broke


The global expansion of sports entertainment has catapulted the WWE brand to new heights. Revenues have grown exponentially, as have the paydays of their superstars. Like most professional athletes, t...

14 WWE Superstars Hired Only On Looks


The world of professional wrestling is filled with noticeable characters, all blessed with various abilities and attributes. One would argue that certain prototypes have emerged over the years when de...

12 Things You Never Knew About Eva Marie


Women’s wrestling has undergone some significant changes over the last two decades. Once a division of wrestling where aesthetics alone ruled supreme, the Divas have developed into very able in-ring p...