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Freelance poet, playwright, lyricist, journalist, composer; managing editor of an online arts&culture magazine, A-Town was given his pen name at a Toronto bar that no longer exists, by a man who loved his music...

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This Is How 25 Pokemon Would Look IRL


Pokemon has been one of the most popular franchises in terms of video games, card games, toys, and cartoons in the world. And it’s been popular for a long time …

What 15 Nickelodeon Characters Would Look Like As People


I’m sure people here must have their own favorite Nickelodeon characters from their childhood. Whether it be Ren & Stimpy or Dexter from Dexter’s Lab. It might even be Jimmy Neutron. But there is a …

16 Stars Who Say ‘No’ To Photoshop


It should be no surprise to anyone here that most celebrities experience some form of Photoshop work in their lives. Hell, any model or even minor celebrity who has ever …

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