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18 Stars Who Appeared On Seinfeld Before They Became Famous

Anthony Dimitrokalis

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Top 15 Most Heartbreaking Moments From Family Guy

Anthony Dimitrokalis

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, is not a sensitive man, let’s face it. He does however, create characters and scripts that make people laugh often at the expense …

21 Most Shocking Photos Ever Taken At Walmart

Anthony Dimitrokalis

Ah, Walmart. It’s the biggest store in the world, and no one wants to admit they shop there, but yet everyone eventually does. Of course that is unless you have …

The 15 Richest Fictional Villains Of All Time

Anthony Dimitrokalis

In the land of comic books, it is surprising to note that there are more wealthy good guys than super rich, bad guys. Crime only pays for very few people …

15 Comic Book Villains More Evil Than The Joker

Anthony Dimitrokalis

The minute Heath Ledger wore the makeup of the Joker, comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike, just fell in love with the devious psychopath that would play with …

15 Celebs Who Actually Live In Small Houses

Anthony Dimitrokalis

There are more stories on the internet about big houses that the rich own than you can count. There are even more articles about all those celebrities that never realized that …

15 Of The Hottest Car Show Models From This Year

Anthony Dimitrokalis

It’s the best combination out there: girls and cars. To cater to a variety of tastes we have scoured the globe to find that perfect woman who worked at the most recent …

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