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Anteneh Belayneh

I am a freelance writer who lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Top 10 Athletes Who Went on to Become Owners

Anteneh Belayneh

What do athletes do when they retire? If they are lucky, and depending on the sport, they can play into their 40s. Once their careers are finished they need to …

Top 15 Most Embarrassing Sports Sex Scandals

Anteneh Belayneh

Athletes are no strangers to controversy or scandals. When it comes to sexual scandals, it seems like a new scandal is engulfing a famous athlete on a weekly basis. Besides …

10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Sports

Anteneh Belayneh

The beauty of sports is that they are the closest thing to a meritocracy. Anyone can compete in anything and if one is the best at a particular sport, he …

Top 10 Richest Sports Brands in the World

Anteneh Belayneh

The sports industry has become increasingly commercialized. The business side of sports has become as important, if not more important, than the actual competitions between athletes. There is great competition …

Top 10 Teammates Feuds

Anteneh Belayneh

Team sports are rife with rivalries and animosity between sets of players and fans. What can be more interesting is the animosity within teams. Everyone preaches about unselfishness and team …

Top 5 Most Disappointing NBA Teams this Season

Anteneh Belayneh

The 2013/2014 regular season is winding down and many fans are poised to enjoy the upcoming playoffs. One of the main themes of the season has been the imbalance between …

Top Ten NFL Stadiums with the Most Expensive Beer

Anteneh Belayneh

Leaving the comfort of one’s home and attending an NFL game is an investment. Not only do fans have to endure the traffic, noise and sometimes horrific weather, they also …

Top 10 Paying Jobs in Sports

Anteneh Belayneh

The sports industry offers employment opportunities for a host of professions. In terms of salaries, most of the focus revolves around the athletes and the sometimes astronomical amounts of money …

The Best Premier League XI of the Season so Far

Anteneh Belayneh

This Premier League season has been one of the most exciting seasons in recent years. It has been a season filled with impressive individual performances and surprising results. Defending champions …

Top 10 MLS Players with Something to Prove

Anteneh Belayneh

The 2014 MLS season got underway on March 8th and promises to be a very interesting one as the league has generated a lot of attention in the off-season. High …

Top 10 Athletes Who Became Good Executives

Anteneh Belayneh

There is always a question about the ability of athletes to perform as general managers (GMs) and front office executives. Most question whether great athletes can make this transition. There …

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