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15 Of The Hottest Hockey Wives In The NHL

It seems as though whenever we see a famous athlete, there is always a 12 on 10 standing by his side. There is no doubt that professional athletes have a reputation of landing some of the hottest fema...

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15 Insane Things Superfans Have Done

Whether it's movie fans, sports fans or music fans, we have seen all types of intense and crazy people. These superfans go to extreme measures to show their idol the proper devotion they think they de...

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10 Of The Dumbest Celebrity Purchases

It seems like there are no longer any limits to what celebrities have been purchasing. It's as if anything goes when you've got the dough. There seems to be little concept when it comes what these cel...


10 Of The Most Humane Prisons Around the World

Let's face it, being sentenced to time behind bars is no joke. There is a grim picture in all of our heads when we think of the slammer. We think of a dark and damp atmosphere, a constant fear of safe...


10 Facts About Vodka You Didn't Know

Vodka, the one drink we love and hate all at the same time. Sometimes it has provided us with the best nights of our lives and other times, wishing we didn't have that last round because that hangover...

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The 15 Worst Celeb Bikini Bodies Of 2015

Not all of these celebs pack a banging body and can pull off those itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis. Both male and female celebs carry some extra weight, cellulite and flab. Now that ...

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